Co-working Space   

Welcome to the UtrechtInc Garage! A Co-working and Pre-incubator Space for innovative startups. It is a place where entrepreneurial researchers, students and professionals can experiment with their concepts, research projects and ideas that contribute to a healthy society!

The UtrechtInc Garage Membership provides access to flex desks and meeting rooms in the Co-Working Space and Focus Room, Get Started Ideation Track with workshops and peer feedback sessions and our  dynamic  community of ambitious startup entrepreneurs, experts and talent. With our support UtrechtInc wishes to give you and your team all facilities and support to turn your business idea or research project into  a healthy startup contributing to a healthy society.

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What is your contribution? Garage Members are actively involved @UtrechtInc. They coach and work with student entrepreneurs, join partner sessions of UtrechtInc (pitches, workshops) and students (traineeships) and share their knowledge, network and ideas with our community.   

When you decide to join us and work in our co-working space, you can make use of a free flexdesk during the first 2 weeks, no strings attached. This way you’ll get a taste of what the UtrechtInc startup community has to offer.

Next steps:

  • Do you need more information about the Garage and UtrechtInc? Contact us.
  • Start your trial period working at one of the flex desks in our Focus room or Co-working Space
  • Want to get to work right away? Great, that’s the entrepreneurial mindset we love to see here!
  • Click the button below, and follow the form:


Pricing and extra facilities

  • Flex desk € 150 per person, excluding 21% VAT, including coffee, tea, kitchen, access to meeting rooms and toilets. Cleaning of toilets is done by the cleaning team. You keep your desk tidy and help us keep the kitchen clean and presentable to your customers and partners (put your stuff in the dishwasher and occasionally take stuff out of the dishwasher;-)).    

One of the most important successfactors for a startup is a strong team, so therefore we give reduction for teams. Our prices are:

  • 2 Flex desks you pay 1,5 flex desk = € 225 per month per team excluding 21% VAT
  • 3 Flex desks you pay 2 flex desk = € 300 per month per team excluding 21% VAT
  • 4 Flex desks you pay 3 flex desk = € 450 per month per team excluding 21% VAT
  • More than 4 flex desks please contact us to discuss your need

You can expand the facilities with the following services:

  • Access to Garage co-working spaces beyond office hours with an XS-card and key for € 25 per month per key/ XS card and € 25 deposit
  • Locker and postal address for € 15 per month
  • Locker for € 15 per month per locker