Core Life Analytics

Our goal is to empower scientists in the analysis of both their own data sets, and open data; by giving them access to powerful, intuitive, cloud-deployed data analytics tools.

In life sciences and health research, the technologies for generating large complex data sets are advancing faster than the tools for analyzing them. One result of this, is that biologists need to approach specialist data scientists for help in mining their data.

Core Life Analytics is solving this problem by offering powerful, intuitive, web-based tools that biologist can use to mine their own data, as well as open data. Our first product, HC StratoMineR, targets the high content screening, (HCS), market. HC StratoMineR is a data analysis workflow platform. It allows our customers to analyze their datasets faster, with lower costs and with greater flexibility. Importantly, since it requires no local IT infrastructure, it will free them of the burden of managing servers and databases for data analysis.

HC StratoMineR is being offered on a software-as-a-service basis with an option of pay-for-play, or annual subscription payment plans. The product is well validated and has been well received by our launching customers including Galapagos NV, University of Edinburgh, UC Santa Cruz & North Carolina Central University. HC StratoMineR will be followed by a series of products based on the StratoMineR platform for other applications in the life sciences.