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Want to innovate like- and work with startups
to stay relevant for the future?

At UtrechtInc we will help you to create new partnerships by working together with - , learn from - and work like a startup. Together we will help you to bring new innovations to market and foster a culture of entrepreneurship within your existing organization.

How can we help?

We have created an entrepreneurial environment where we bring startups and corporations together. Combining the pragmatic innovation tactics of startups with the scaling capabilities of corporations. By joining our program you will get access to our community of startups, mentors, experts, students, researchers, and the large concentration of knowledge institutions located at the Utrecht Science Park. With our startup expertise we will learn your corporate innovation team(s) to innovate with the speed and agility of startups.


Finding your next innovation investments to stay relevant”

We will help you to get a better understanding of how startups work and create awareness for entrepreneurship and startups  within your company.

  • Learn from and understand startups
  • Join our startup community
  • Create awareness for entrepreneurship within your company


“The best of both worlds: Corporates can benefit from the speed, nimbleness and innovative zeal of startups and startups can benefit from the well-established distribution channels of corporate companies, large client base and operational expertise in scaling businesses”.

We help you identify and facilitate access to products/services that can deliver added value to your existing products and customers, or open up opportunities for new services and customers.


“Create new businesses outside of the existing business units”

We’ll bring your innovation projects to market through our incubation programs. Your innovation teams will execute your new products or services like startups do and master the tools and techniques to manage and execute. Our incubation programs are 3-4 months long and include workspace, coaching, workshops, and access to funding. While working alongside 32 startups.

Why UtrechtInc?

UtrechtInc is a business incubator located in the heart of the Utrecht Science Park. We are supporting the growth of early stage startups during their first two years of existence. We have created an environment for investors, launching customers, startups, researchers and students to help startups build better products, develop teams, get customers and grow a successful business.

Thus far, we have supported and guided more then 150 startups. Some of our alumni companies include: Snappcar, Yunoo, Fosbury,Cristal Therapeutics, Distimo, One Shoe and PressPage.

Our goal is to build and maintain an environment where we can foster the relationship between startups, corporations and Utrecht Science Park community/ecosystem. We believe that this collaboration will help all parties involved to build and execute new products or services that secures future growth for both startups, corporations and the Utrecht Science Park.

Get in touch

Our Corporate Innovation program can be adjusted to your companies needs. Interested? Please let us know how we can help you. We will gladly inform you and discuss the different possibilities over a cup of coffee.