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Alleen voor UtrechtInc startups.

Gratis SoftLayer Catalyst Program

SoftLayer is the world’s most highly scalable, high performance Infrastructure as a Service company with over 120,000 physical servers across the world. They provide dedicated servers, cloud servers, and a seamlessly integrated hybrid of both in 11 US data centers, and new centers in Amsterdam and Singapore since about one year. SoftLayer offers UtrechtInc startups:
The Catalyst program, including:
  • A generous monthly hosting credit toward dedicated, cloud or hybrid compute environments (1000 USD per month) for a FULL YEAR. Ideal for startups who want high performance from the start. You pick the configs you want, in the data center(s) you want. It’s up to you.
  • Direct connection to highest level programming team at SoftLayer – The Innovation Team, run by the CTO. This is help and advice from the people that are writing the book (daily) on highly scalable, global infrastructure environments.
  • Connection to the SoftLayer Marketing and PR Team for help getting the word out to the world on all of the cool stuff you and your startup are doing.
  • “Pay it Forward” ethos – SoftLayer believe in doing the right thing for people, and good things will come of it. There are no contracts that bind you to Catalyst or SoftLayer. The concept is to provide kick ass compute and great help and advice with the hopes of helping you build your business toward success and global domination. At the end of the program, SoftLayer hope you’ve had a great experience, you stick around, and tell your friends – That’s it!
If you are interested in knowing more about the Catalyst Program, or are ready to sign up, please contact Emily Sampson.