Are you a student that is interested in entrepreneurship? Then you're in luck!
We are organizing The Future Entrepreneurs Borrel for all students across UU and HU. Register now!



The new Students Board of UtrechtInc would like to invite you for a free borrel. The Future Entrepreneurs Borrel will let students and entrepeneurs talk about entrepreneurship, education and building startups during or after your studies. At the event you can listen to the talk of Marijn de Geus, the CEO of TRAINTOOL and speeddate with the superstar founders of startups at UtrechtInc! We are confident that there are many more future entrepreneurs amongst the 67.000 students in Utrecht who want to get inspired! Or you might get hired by the founder of the next Uber and be an early employee! So be there and get a taste of the startup world! Apply now on the right.

The borrel is located at UtrechtInc, the startup incubator that has supported over 157 startups with a total turnover of 84 million euros! Some startups are:

  • SnappCar (IT & mobility): Car rental community and platform for private car owners and users
  • Senfal (IT & energy): Smart software used to automatically save on energy purchases and consumption
  • StuComm (IT & education): App for students that integrates all communication systems used by universities (also HKU, UU)
  • The Hyve (IT & life sciences): Open Source solutions for bioinformatics


The Event

15th June 2017, 16:00


Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht

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