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How to make investors fall in love with your team

By Paul Musters at

A guide on how to construct a winning Startup Team Slide Get funded by displaying an A-player startup team A direct email, an intro through Linkedin or the contact form on their website. There’s a high probability your interaction with an investor will happen online. Everyone has done it, but how do you find out if this investor is the potential unicorn match for you and your startup team? A good way to do this, is through storytelling. And what works best for storytelling online? You probably guessed it, a pitch deck. I can hear you thinking: “I already have a good quality pitch deck, what do I need your help for?” and I understand. But did you know that your ‘Team’ slide is the second longest viewed slide in the entire deck? This metric about the attention of investors shows us that the ‘Team’ slide is one of the most important factors when it comes …

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