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Fall in love with the problem of your customer

By Elina Schäfer at

In over 500 start-ups we’ve (BUSINESS MODELS INC) seen, not even one ended up building the idea they started out with. The ones that made it are the ones that pivoted. We see in the start-up programs like UtrechtInc, that start-ups are in love with their own idea. Apart from the fact if clients will love it or not. Each start-up dreams to be “the next Big Thing”. You have a great idea; your parents love it and maybe even a friend has already bought your product. Sorry, but unfortunately this does not mean that your idea is great. I am not saying that that isn’t a possible, but first you need to know your starting point. Are you creating or developing something because you like it? An amazing new technology, a smart application or a robot OR do you see a need for a potential customer segment where you will …

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