About us

With ‘us’ we actually mean the UtrechtInc team plus our community

It consists of starting entrepreneurs, graduate entrepreneurs, mentors, experts, young talent and friends. The highly involved community is one of our most important assets.

Our vision

We believe ambitious entrepreneurship is essential for turning knowledge into innovations that contribute to a healthy society.

We strive to make an impact on society and the world by supporting the visionary startups in our community. As a starting entrepeneur, surrounding yourself with bright entrepreneurs and peers will give you that extra impuls to ’take care of business’!

Our focus

UtrechtInc focuses on scalable and innovative startups (mostly with an IT component). There is specific consideration for…

  • Climate: a healthy environment, sustainability, energy
  • Health: healthy people, medical technology, health care innovations
  • Education: a healthy mind, ed-tech, innovations in learning

Our approach

At our offices we have created an open working area that invites to share knowledge, experience, socialize, but most of all to grow. In particular our connection with the UU, UMCU and HU offers access to talent and knowledge for innovation. In our acceleration programs we concentrate on:

  • Building a great team
  • Business process and culture
  • Customer value
  • Experiential learning