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Jorg Kop

Managing Director

Jorg Kop (1970) is Managing Director at business incubator UtrechtInc. He is passionate to shape ideas, people and organisations for acceleration to the next level. Jorg has been working in general management and commercial marketing roles in different kinds of businesses, from stock exchange listed corporates to family owned SMEs and start-ups in both B2B as B2C. In more relaxed language: Cigars, Wines & Spirits, Snacks, Mobility, Online Platforms, Decoration & Interior.

Recurring theme is creating the right dynamics for the desired breakthrough growth. Jorg is former co-founder of SnappCar (P2P carsharing), Informal Investor and Mentor of several startups.

  • is an expert of producing perfect milk froth
  • Is merely poor in gaming

Marcellien Breedveld

Ideation Manager | UtrechtInc Garage

Marcellien knows the rules of the entrepreneurship game and puts her years of experience into impactful practice in her role at UtrechtInc. Ever since she graduated in Industrial Engineering & Management Marcellien has been leading (starter) entrepreneurs. In the beginning of her career she focused on people in the Netherlands who wanted to start a business in their home country. Afterwards she worked for three years in Ghana, where she started a joint venture to mobilize local farmers in the production of oilseeds. There she also trained local entrepreneurs who sold solar energy systems in the West African market. After her advisory role at the Ondernemershuis, she has strengthened the team from UtrechtInc since April 2011. Her power is listening to entrepreneurs, signalling bottlenecks and addressing possibilities. “Every so often I have to give a wandering entrepreneur a quick ‘kick in the rear’. I know how important a good focus is.”

  • Practices yoga
  • Can’t live without her iPad

Elina Schäfer

Marketing, Communication, PR

Elina had her first work experience at Reed Business, Elsevier. After her Communication Management studies, she went to work there as a Marketing Coordinator. At Hotel and Conference Center ReeHorst she concentrated on corporate communication, online marketing and PR. There she developed the theater magazine, supervised the website and set up marketing promotions. At UtrechtInc this Jane-of-all-trades is responsible for, among other things, the website, internal communication, social media and PR. “I enjoy my work very much! Business incubator UtrechtInc has a lot to offer and I want to let everyone know about it!”

  • Goes backpacking once a year
  • Reads the morning newspaper in the train every day

Tijs Markusse

Business Development, Corporate Innovation

Tijs wakes up and goes to bed with ‘STARTUPS’ on his mind. Even when he sleeps he dreams about business models, customer development, agile management, lean startups… His passion for tech startups led him to spending a year in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. Now he works at UtrechtInc and focuses on supporting startups in developing their product, team and market. Next to that he’s one of the founders and bloggers of StartupJuncture. “A good community bursts with energy! For me matching people up and seeing chances to collaborate is a must for success. Daring to look beyond the beaten path and see what people can mean for each other, that’s where I go. That’s how we want to create an interesting environment where entrepreneurial talent from Utrecht can thrive.”

  • Loves mountainbiking
  • Crazy about jazz music

Ruben Brands

Startup Accelerator

Ruben coaches startups at UtrechtInc in our programs and is actively helping them to make connections in our network.

He has an educational background in Business (Rotterdam School of Management) and Law (University of Amsterdam) and has since then worked in the startup scene. He started out as a part of iLost. Ruben took part in Startup Bootcamp 2013 and this tech concept grew into an intense period of winning launching customers and securing financing. At iLost he was director of Product and Development, but it frustrated him that his work didn’t allow him to do any programming. To learn it he did the Developers Bootcamp in Brussels. Ruben is always looking for new knowledge and skills to develop himself and has been a part of the early stages of several startups, a few his own.

  • Loves to be outside; skiing and hiking the Alps, race cycling
  • Has a good sense of humor

Mare Derks

Events, Community

Mare first became an entrepreneur during her Communication Management studies. She developed a ‘communication toolkit’ for several municipalities and with that started her own little company. Back then Mare experienced (and still believes) that each person is responsible for his or her own success and happiness. She made a big step next, from where she lived in Limburg to Utrecht, to become a part of the ‘startup scene’, a world full of ambitious people. Whether its events, communities or communication - the challenge is to connect and activate people. With the right timing and location, this creates momentum for collaboration and impact! What have the results been so far? Inspiring human experiences, boundary-breaking products and services and in the end a healthy society.  

  • Can’t sit still (prefers dancing to Latin music)
  • Keeps busy with puzzles and strategies

Jolanda Brussaard

Office Coordinator