Push your boundaries with a valuable network.

Connecting with the right people often is the most crucial move for the success of your new business. When you’ve joined UtrechtInc you get immediate access to a wide network of entrepreneurs, experts, investors and professionals at well-renowned businesses, knowledge institutes and government associations.


Curious how other entrepreneurs would tackle your problems? Exchange views on entrepreneurship and build your business alongside other startups in the UtrechtInc community.


An experienced entrepreneur knows the pitfalls, growing pains and success factors of a startup. Via UtrechtInc they offer you practical advice.


For valuable knowledge, experience and new perspectives! With these close contacts, making an appointment for advice and feedback is just one phonecall away. Besides, every UtrechtInc startup gets connected to a mentor during our program.


UtrechtInc is part of the Utrecht Science Park. What’s in it for you? Great connections with research and educational institutes and access to various events!


We’re always happy to make new friends. Why do you want to get involved with UtrechtInc? Here’s why other organizations become our friends.

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