Starting companies in our incubator

Our entrepreneurs are working very hard building their innovative startup, with a little help from the UtrechtInc team and the supporting experts. The startups that outgrow our community and continue as (well-friended) graduate companies are still growing and moving towards success! Our results:

  • 157 startups supported (2009-2016)
  • 238 MLN raised by startups (2009-2016)
  • 67 graduates (2009-2016)
  • 84 MLN turnover by startups (2016)
  • 1125 jobs (2016)



Happiness on the work floor is essential to the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as to the performance and success of an organization.

AMT Medical

Researches and develops devices that make heart-bypass surgeries quicker, saver, easier and leaves a smaller impact on the patient.


Develops AI-software for robots and autonomous systems in the agricultural sector. Aruku is now working on a completely autonomous producing greenhouse.


Project- and researchtool for students to filter, save and share the most relevant and valuable sources from the Internet.


is creating a novel image guided intramyocardial injection technique to optimize and standardize intramyocardial injections in the context of cardiac regenerative therapy


Smartphone app die buurtbewoners onderling en met bezorgers verbindt. Om samen gemakkelijk, snel en goedkoop online bestellingen te kunnen ontvangen. Vriendelijk voor het milieu en kostenefficiënt voor bezorgers als

Core Life Analytics

Intuitive cloud-deployed data analytics tools for life sciences research. Why wait for someone else to analyze your data?


We believe in simulated learning and offer a platform for scenario-based communication training.


Faqta is a crossmedia publisher of learning materials for young children based on discovery learning.


A mobile app and social community for young footballfans who want to be discovered and become a pro. Each week they are challenged by a professional player to copy and share a move.


Maakt specifieke kennis, met name van wetenschappers en kennisinstellingen, toepasbaar in de praktijk met ondersteuning van modellen en methodes.


closes the loop between online and offline

Karveel Pharmaceuticals

Biotech company Karveel is developing first-in-class antibiotics for the treatment of serious drug-resistant infections.

Lyla Coach

An autonomous sleepingcoach that is based on scientific research from the University of Utrecht. The app offers a variety of exercises in a 6 week program that teaches you how to sleep better.


is delivering a 24/7 wearable sensor that helps children and adults with urinary incontinence to monitor the filling of their bladder, preventing overfilling and/or unwanted loss of urine.


is developing a novel medical diagnostic device focused on delirium diagnosis and monitoring


Crowd-powered microlearning platform to improve the quality of healthcare in a fun and easy way


Provides solutions to enable the development of sustainable chemicals.


Software to simulates crowds of people, integrated as a software component to customers and offered as a plug-in for game engines.


Wheelsbnb is the platform where wheelchair users exchange or rent a customized home as a holiday stay to or from other wheelchair users.

Your Next Concepts

Your Next Concepts develops Academy Attendance, an application that analyzes and presents real time data for universities.

Pressure Cooker


Meet new people real-time through the internet. Meet the social app for spontaneous get-togethers. See who’s around and start or join a Campfire.


When someone passes away, next of kin can close out all accounts, contracts and subscriptions. Avoid recurring costs and identity fraud. Cope with loss, not administrative hassle.


Cancer patients and their loved ones can monitor status with input from doctors and the patient, improving the relevance of treatment and rehabilitation for everyone.


An online service that automates loaning to margin traders, thus earning interest on cryptocurrencies.


An app where memories, stories and life-events will be stored as in a digital memory box. In order to send it later to loved ones, during life and after.

Perfect Place

A webservice that reduces risks involved with complex planning decisions regarding urban planning, real estate investments and care & welfare planning issues.

Co-working Space


ArtPub is all about creativity. Local artists teach you how to easily make an awesome painting in your favourite café.


Revolutionizing manufacturing supply chains the same way e-commerce has transformed retail. A SaaS service that helps you identify which parts in your supply chain are eligible for 3D printing, and then matches and allocates your order to the right supplier before delivering to your doorstep.

Het Poeppaleis

"Het PoepPaleis" is the place to learn everything about poop. The main message being that poop gives you good information about your health. Het PoepPaleis organizes surprising projects, aimed at children between 8 and 14.

Next Generation Care

Next Generation Care is startup that develops innovative concepts in the healthcare sector. One of its products is an e-health platform for soon to be parents called ZWNGR.


Have you ever risked your life at the backseat of a motortaxi in Kenia or Thailand? Twende firmly reduces that risk by restoring customers' trust in their motor taxi driver. The 'Uber-like' application offers a selection of safe and trusted drivers who can swing by your pickup point in no time!


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