Starting companies in our incubator

Our entrepreneurs are working very hard building their innovative startup, with a little help from the UtrechtInc team and the supporting experts. The startups that outgrow our community and continue as (well-friended) graduate companies are still growing and moving towards success! Our results:

  • 157 startups supported (2009-2016)
  • 238 MLN raised by startups (2009-2016)
  • 67 graduates (2009-2016)
  • 84 MLN turnover by startups (2016)
  • 1125 jobs (2016)



Happiness on the work floor is essential to the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as to the performance and success of an organization.


Is an online political discussion platform for arguments.


Project- and researchtool for students to filter, save and share the most relevant and valuable sources from the Internet.

Brain Science Tools

Is een innovatief bedrijf dat gespecialiseerd is in MRI-gerelateerde technologie en neurostimulatie apparatuur voor neurowetenschappen laboratoria en klinische gebruikers over hele wereld.


is creating a novel image guided intramyocardial injection technique to optimize and standardize intramyocardial injections in the context of cardiac regenerative therapy


Finds new and better contracts for families, and ensures the whole transition is taken care of.

Core Life Analytics

Intuitive cloud-deployed data analytics tools for life sciences research. Why wait for someone else to analyze your data?

De Energiebespaarders

Online marketplace where homeowners buy energy-saving measures and installers or contractors find customers.


We believe in simulated learning and offer a platform for scenario-based communication training.

Edutainment Games

Edutainment Games believes that digital learning is more than just playing educational games through e-learning. We are convinced that, especially in education, games and learning go hand in hand.


Faqta is a crossmedia publisher of learning materials for young children based on discovery learning.


Is a franchise formula and online platform for solar installers to help them serve customers optimal and efficient.


Gives patients real-time complete insight into the data of their disease, enabling more autonomy.


Deploy the power of serious games to develop human potential.


Maakt specifieke kennis, met name van wetenschappers en kennisinstellingen, toepasbaar in de praktijk met ondersteuning van modellen en methodes.


closes the loop between online and offline


Digital services for (university) libraries to provide their users access to various databases.


is developing a novel medical diagnostic device focused on delirium diagnosis and monitoring


Crowd-powered microlearning platform to improve the quality of healthcare in a fun and easy way


Develops online rental software with materials, personnel and transport planning.


Digital edu application that supports language teachers with the full process of writing assignments: correction, feedback, grading, reporting, benchmarking and archiving. Online and soon offline!


Software voor procesoptimalisaties bij het industriële mkb voor besparingen op operationele kosten zonder initiële investeringen.


Turn desktop websites into custom mobile websites or native applications.


Delivers solar energy as a service, with help from a lease financing model without burdens.


Provides solutions to enable the development of sustainable chemicals.


Same day delivery, next day prices, leveraging the trunks of the crowd.


Software to simulates crowds of people, integrated as a software component to customers and offered as a plug-in for game engines.


is delivering a 24/7 wearable sensor that helps children and adults with urinary incontinence to monitor the filling of their bladder, preventing overfilling and/or unwanted loss of urine.

Your Next Concepts

Your Next Concepts develops Academy Attendance, an application that analyzes and presents real time data for universities.

Pressure Cooker


Provides callcenters insights in performance enhancement on a organizational and indiviual employee level. It does so with forecasting, scheduling and scholing.


Smartphone app die buurtbewoners onderling en met bezorgers verbindt. Om samen gemakkelijk, snel en goedkoop online bestellingen te kunnen ontvangen. Vriendelijk voor het milieu en kostenefficiënt voor bezorgers als


An autonomous sleepingcoach that is based on scientific research from the University of Utrecht. The app offers a variety of exercises in a 6 week program that teaches you how to sleep better.


Wheelsbnb is the platform where wheelchair users exchange or rent a customized home as a holiday stay to or from other wheelchair users.

Co-working Space


ArtPub is all about creativity. Local artists teach you how to easily make an awesome painting in your favourite café.

Het Poeppaleis

"Het PoepPaleis" is the place to learn everything about poop. The main message being that poop gives you good information about your health. Het PoepPaleis organizes surprising projects, aimed at children between 8 and 14.


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