For who

  • If you have successfully completed the Pressure Cooker or Science Venture program, the Advisory board will determine if you are rewarded with access to the Build program.
  • You have a team, your first customers, positive cash flow, an investor slide deck, and a road map for your company.
  • Other criteria.

What to expect

Your startup gets customized support from an UtrechtInc account manager. You participate in master classes and intervision sessions to continue your accelerated growth. In this stage your company will focus on growing sales and customers within a scalable business model and implementing a powerful market strategy. You continue working furthermore on the following elements of your healthy company:

  • Marketing – reaching your target audience(s)
  • Generating leads
  • Acquisition of talent for growth
  • Leadership
  • Company culture
  • Securing investments

At the end

After approximately two years you and your team will grow out of your office space (max. 2) at UtrechtInc. You are ready to leave the nest and continue growing your fully-fledged company!


We don't impose any fees for this programme, but the costs of incubation and revenue share do apply. Click here for more information.