Get Started

Do you wish to turn your research or project into a business proposition? Then ‘Get Started’!

UtrechtInc offers 3 separate workshops for future entrepreneurs, scientists & professionals. Your business is still in the idea phase, in this program you will turn your (research) idea into a business model, determine your 1st launching customer and focus on creating a complementary team. At the end, you will know if you have a business worth quiting your job for and if you can continue to building a healthy company in one of our programs. 



The track:

During Get Started you will be able to participate in 3 separate workshops: Business modeling, Customer discovery  and Team design & Pitching. They will take place on every 3rd Friday of the month from 13.30 to 17.00. So your complete track ideally lasts 3 months but you can also attend them individually. In your own time you can work on your business and also hook up with your peer group in Lean Coffee sessions.

  • We connect you to first class mentors from UtrechtInc and partners such as Idfuse.
  • We connect you to like minded entrepreneurial peers and startup community @UtrechtInc in e-Health, e-Climate, e-Learning.
  • You are invited to our community drinks and (networking) events  
  • We give you access to our experts in legal affairs, finance, etc
  • And you can work in our vibrant co-working space @UtrechtInc Garage (*)


If you decide to commit to your startup, you can  apply for the UtrechtInc Science Venture or Pressure Cooker  programme, or you can rent a desk in our co-working space for €150 p.p.p.m. (with team discount). We’re also happy to connect you to one of our partners, for instance Climate-Kic (for cleantech startups), Utrecht Holdings, Uzelf and Thinc (for health startups).  


Each Get Started Workshop is 50 euro a person including drinks, materials and 1 day of co-working (excl. BTW).