Science Venture

Do you see an opportunity to make impact on society with your research?
Can you turn your research into a product or service which solves a market need?
Is there potential for a venture or a license deal?
And most important are you keen on bringing your research one step further into the market?
Or finding a co-founder?
We gladly support you.

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For who

For postdocs, researchers, lecturers or employees who want to bring science based innovations from UU, UMCU or HU to the market.
Other criteria.

Goals & Benefits of the program

  • Experience entrepreneurship and develop your entrepreneurial skills  
  • Validate and improve your business model
  • Find the right follow-up (e.g. network, funding and/or team members).

Science Venture offers these benefits

  • 3-weekly progress meetings with peer entrepreneurial scientists
  • Canvas and agile business modelling support
  • Training on entrepreneurial skills and the fundamentals of starting a business
  • World class mentoring
  • Save money with the UtrechtInc Startup Deals
  • Get introductions through the UtrechtInc network (investors, mentors, etc)
  • Access to talent for building your team.
  • Work in a dynamic environment of the UtrechtInc business incubator
  • Help with IP/Freedom to operate (IPR) and prototyping. Guideline Utrecht Holdings

At the end

At the end of the program you know what the potential of your project is, whether a startup is the way to bring it to the market and to what extend you want to be involved in this startup company.

If you continue with your startup, you can pitch to the UtrechtInc Advisory Board to build you healthy company with our support and receive € 18.000 funding. Our goal is to make you successful and and once successful we ask you to contribute a small part of that success to UtrechtInc and to share the same opportunity that you have had with the next generation entrepreneurs.   


Your investment (in your project): minimum of 1 day per week, preferably 2 days per week and a fee of € 2.250. It is recommended to discuss the needed time and finance with your current employer in order to participate in the Science Venture program. 

Are you interested?

Are you interested? Please apply to the program (click here) or contact Ruben Brands and we will meet to discuss your possibilities.