Here you will find all the input to set up a proper Onepager.

Did you fill in the registration form? Have you been to UtrechtInc to meet us, maybe via Skype? And did your startup match with UtrechtInc? If so, you can assemble your Onepager and send it to us. 


  • Which problems do you solve for which client groups?
  • Describe your product and how it works
  • How advanced is your startup: product development, traction, social proof, …?
  • What is the business model?
  • Have you developed a prototype, can you hand us a link to this prototype?
  • Which skills or expertise do you and your team members have? What’s still missing?
  • Who are your references?
  • Why are you joining our startup program?
  • How can you contribute in the UtrechtInc community?
  • Save pdf as: YOURCOMPANYNAME_onepager
  • The layout is up to you, that also goes for language (English or Dutch).

Deadline to apply for our program was Feb 27. Out of all the submissions we select a number of startups for our Selection Day on March 7. Together with the entrepreneurs in our community we take a closer look at your team, product and market. Afterwards, we announce the selection of teams that will start in our incubator in March 2017.