18k Starting capital

Favorable funding without giving away shares!

To build your startup concept into a growing business you step into the acceleration program of UtrechtInc. In the process you will pass through different stages: 1. Discovery, 2. Pressure Cooker and 3. Build. You cansign up and start in stage 1 or 2. This second phase, Pressure Cooker, focuses on 4 months of hard work to develop a viable an capable startup. After this period you are ready for an investment!

That’s why you are granted the possibility to pitch for an independent advisory board consisting of experienced entrepreneurs and investors. They will assess the value of your startup and will decide if you get access to an €18.000 starting capital from the Rabo Pre-seed fund. If so, great job! With this freshly earned growth capital you will move on to stage 3 and work on improving and expanding your company to realize impact on the world!

18K refund

The 18k loan is equity free and without giving away company shares. UtrechtInc now shares the ‘financial risk’ of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs only have to pay back the 18k loan, if their succes ables them. The repayment starts after two years for a period of 36 months. The interest rate remains low at 2,5%.

Success fee

When your startup becomes very successful, you monthly pay, in addition to the repayment of your loan, a successfee of approximately 2% of your revenue. In total you pay a maximum of 2,5 times the loan.UtrechtInc has the incentive to make your revenue as high as possible and uses the successfee to invest in new startups! If you have any questions, we’re always there to answer them.