Your success is our success!

UtrechtInc offers startups a formula to develop a concept into a healthy company with a positive impact on our world. We define success as growth in revenue (customers) and finding the engine needed to scale the business. In the first 2 years at UtrechtInc we focus on creating the strongest possible growth process and investing in your company. You don’t give up any shares, but pay us a revenue share once your company starts earning sufficiently.

After a selection process, you start at UtrechtInc in the program Science Venture (stage 1) or Pressure Cooker (stage 1). Afterwards you pitch to an advisory board that determines if you continue on to Build (stage 2). Depending on the stage, the following costs apply:


Including access to our accelerator with training sessions, master classes, intervision sessions with peers, mentoring and financing. You pay:
Science Venture: €2250.
This includes flexible workspace, with the option to pay extra for fixed workspace or your own office space.
Pressure Cooker: €1850
This excluded office space and success fee (**).
Build: € -
This excludes the costs for incubation (*) and success fee (**).

Incubation *

Including fixed workspace or your own office space, meeting rooms, unlimited coffee and tea, printing facilities, sparring sessions with mentors and access to our network and the entrepreneurs in our incubator. You pay monthly for a fixed workspace (starting at €100) or per office space (starting at €237). This includes a variable discount. You start the first year with 65% discount on your office; thereafter the discount decreases each half-year.

Success fee **

In the beginning your startup hasn’t got that many financial means, so we invest in you. In exchange for this support we enter a contract for your payback. This starts 3 year after completing our program en is spread over 36 months. The monthly amount is determined by what you are able to pay and only from an annual turnover of plus € 150.000. For example, in year 4 you pay back € 300 per month if you had a revenue of € 290.000 in year 3. We then use these funds to support new early stage startups.


18K refund with 2,5% interest rate

If you are accepted for Build (stage 2), your startup directly receives equity free starting capital of €18.000 from the Rabo Pre-seed Fund. This gives you an incredible advantage! Repayment begins in year 3 during a period of 36 months, with a low fixed interest rate of 2,5%. From that moment you can also get access to € 50.000.


The costs you pay per stage