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Novioscan develops wearable ultrasound solutions for personalized health monitoring. With a focus on small, affordable and easy-to- use applications Novioscan aims to make the benefits of ultrasound monitoring available for everyone. Novioscan is a young company founded in 2014. We are a mix of experienced entrepreneurs and young professionals. Our goal is to make innovative products that bring a positive change in the care for patients.



Our first product is the Noviomini Bladder Monitor. The Noviomini tracks the filling of the bladder. When the bladder is nearly full, the device vibrates and a warning is send to a smartphone. The Noviomini will first be introduced in the paediatric urology market. Children incontinence is a highly underestimated problem in how often it occurs, how difficult it is for those involved and in required professional medical assistance. The Noviomini Bladder Monitor has the potential to help children who suffer from incontinence.


The Noviomini will be the first device on the market that is wearable, can continuously monitor bladder filling, and can alarm the patient or caregiver. These unique characteristics make the Noviomini very useful for a lot more patient groups. We are looking for a student who will research these markets. What is the structure and volume of the potential markets of the Noviomini Bladder Monitor, what are their opportunities and challenges and how does this translate in the potential of introducing the Noviomini Bladder Monitor in these markets?


You will be working at the Novioscan’ s office at Utrecht Inc on the Uithof. You will be part of an enthusiastic team eager to build a company that develops and commercializes meaningful and innovative products. During the project you will have the opportunity to learn from the expertise of the team and our partners, and work in a dynamic environment of a start-up company. The project will take approximately 6 months, potential jobs are available after graduation.


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