Vacancy: Deep learning developer

Bij MRIguidance

Vacancy: Deep learning developer

As a deep learning developer at MRIguidance, a UMC Utrecht spin-off company, you will apply the newest
deep learning methods on unique 3D medical image data sets of real patients to develop algorithms that
characterize human anatomy and aid doctors and patients in hospitals worldwide.
What you tell at birthdays about your job
“My software prevents cancer in patients that need to have their bones scanned. It creates images that help
doctors to better diagnose and cure their patients.”
What you actually will be doing
You will a key contributor to the core development of our MRI data analysis pipeline for the visualization
and characterization of different human tissues. You are an innovative thinker who will be developing deep
learning methods and algorithms, to our unique patient data sets. And you will do this to drive enhancement
to our technology and to achieve high quality, clinical grade products. Your algorithms will soon be used in
clinical patient exams.
You will use agile and scrum methods and work in vibrant entrepreneurial team of image scientists and

Your responsibilities:
● research and develop new algorithms for MR image analysis;
● prototype of clinical imaging solutions;
● incorporate clinical end user feedback into your systems;
● theoretically and experimentally validate clinical grade methodology.
Minimum qualifications:
● a master’s degree in mathematics, physics, statistics, computer science, or a related discipline;
● experience with developing deep learning methods;
● programming skills (e.g. Python, R, Matlab, C++);
● ability to speak and write in English fluently.
Preferred qualifications:
● experience with (medical) imaging and/or computer vision development tools;
● interest in developing clinically oriented imaging solutions;
● ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with imaging researchers and clinical
● the desire to work in a dynamic environment of a start-up company.

About MRIguidance BV
During their research MRI physicist Peter Seevinck and medical image scientist Marijn van Stralen saw
great unused potential for MRI-based medical imaging technologies. Together with Roel Raatgever, former
director of Europe’s no.6 academic business incubator UtrechtInc, they have founded UMC Utrecht spinoff company MRIguidance. The team of MRIguidance actively collaborates with hospitals in the
Netherlands and abroad to acquire unique patient data sets and clinically validate the results of the deep
learning experiments. MRIguidance recently became founding partner of the Fieldlab 3DMedical. The
images of MRIguidance will form the basis for 3D printed implants and medical devices.

This is what we offer you:
● a market conform salary;
● a unique opportunity to, already at an early stage, become part of a med-tech start-up with vast
growth potential;
● the possibility to get a stake in the company;
● work with interesting 3D medical imaging data sets from real patients;
● work on complex problems and see direct (visual) result;
● work that has a positive impact on people’s health and life;
● work with the newest deep learning methods using Keras and TensorFlow (and get training on
the job)
● state of the art hardware and computational infrastructure;
● work in a team of smart, ambitious, and likeminded people;
● work with international partners;
● freedom and responsibility;
● work at our beautiful office at Maliesingel 29 in Utrecht.

Additional information
For more information about this position please contact Roel Raatgever by email (
or simply give us a call (+31 624 674 383). To apply, please send a motivation letter and your CV.
Application closes July 28th.