UtrechtInc Garage
Pre-incubator and Co-working space

Are you taking your very first steps towards entrepreneurship or reinventing your current business? A vibrant community of likeminded, complementary and influential people can give you the boost you need. Join us in our pre-incubator & co-working space the Garage!  



For Who?

In the Garage we welcome (startup) entrepreneurs, researchers, students and corporate professionals who want to experiment with their sustainable business idea or concept. The goal? Turn it into a viable innovation, prototype or starting business.

The Garage community consists of innovators. Inspired by previous garage startups like Apple, Amazon and Disney we want to help startups and organizations impact the world but in a totally green and sustainable way! In the Garage they work on projects for a healthier society: a business concept, skill set, data file or a societal issue. Of course they are also open to support other community members.


need to de-risk their venture, by validating their technology/market claim. They can find mentors (expertise), researchers (data), students (skills), and corporates (customers) in our Garage!


are challenged to broaden the scope of their research to demonstrate impact on society. Our community can help them develop entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to showcase the application.


are searching for ways to innovate, apply data, or solve organizational problems. Startups and students can support them by finding smart solutions in a short amount of time. Corporate Innovation



are eager to work in fun projects impacting their world. In the Garage they can build a network and portfolio to enhance their future career. Students can either join our Talent Pool or set up activities via curricular programs.

We offer…

  • A viability check for your radical or innovative business idea
  • An inspiring and useful workspace: a flex desk for €150 p.p.p.m. with team discount
  • Free delicious coffee and weekly community drinks
  • Advice with proven startup expertise in two-weekly peer sessions
  • A connection to startups, mentors, experts, talent, knowledge institutions and corporate partners
  • Events to kickstart experiments and new collaborations:
    Hackathons and Pitch Challenges | Matchmaking events (meet your co-founder, investor, talent, customer) | 
    Masterclasses (business modeling, pitching, prototyping) | Business acceleration programmes

    The Garage can also be used as an event space (for current or new partners). You are welcome to set up your own workshops, meetups or conferences, provided that they match with UtrechtInc’s philosophy and schedule! Apply your event here

Your mission

In the first experimental months in the Garage you will be challenged to optimise your idea, validate the business model, build a complementary team, meet your first customers, establish corporate collaborations and develop innovative early prototypes.

Our mission

At UtrechtInc we strive to create a future where people in big cities can work, eat, learn, travel, recreate and consume in a healthy manner. There is so much knowledge available in ICT, gaming, sustainability, education, health, energy and mobility, so let’s use it to its full potential. In the Garage we enable people to cross the boundaries of their own working environment and collaborate in multidisciplinary formations!